The Health Security Agency in the United Kingdom has announced that two young children who attended Millstead primary school in Liverpool have died. The children, who were five and six years old, both attended the school that provides specialized educational services to students with special needs. Symptoms of the illness that led to their death include diarrhea and stomach cramps, and the school is currently experiencing an outbreak of giardia.

Michelle Beard, the headteacher at Millstead primary school, was deeply saddened by the news of the children’s death. She said that both of the children were a source of joy and happiness to all who knew them and were beloved by the school community. In a statement to the press, she expressed the school’s condolences to the families of the children.

The Health Security Agency in the UK has said that the deaths are unlikely to have been caused by the outbreak of giardia at the school. The agency has been working with Liverpool City Council and other partners to prevent further transmission of the illness, which is caused by a parasite. While it is generally not considered a serious health risk, infections can cause significant discomfort and require antibiotics to treat.

The tragedy has deeply affected the Millstead community, and the school is working to provide support to staff, students, and families as they come to terms with the loss of the children. As of yet, there is no word on the specific cause of the deaths. However, the Health Security Agency vows to keep the public informed of any new developments

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