Sunday Playground, India’s longest-running Sunday event series, is preparing to mark its 10th anniversary with a birthday celebration in Hyderabad. The event was founded in 2014 by DJ Aardy, who also heads up Hydrozoa Recordings. The parties have showcased Indian electronic music artists including Shaun Moses, Ayesha Pramanik, Discokid, SHFT, Murthovic, Browncoat, SEQU3L, Jay Pei and Folic State. Aardy will be performing at the anniversary party alongside Aaryan, Nephra, Ayan, Abishek, Siiry and other regulars. The party will be held at the outdoor Tabula Rasa venue.

Aardy said his aim was always to nurture local talent to build a thriving music community in India. “While I was lucky enough to play abroad and release on international imprints, I would always stress that we should first look within our country to nurture the growing appetite for dance music,” he said. The event will run from noon until late, with food and drinks available. Sunday Playground’s “spirit” will be a key feature.

The Indian music scene has grown rapidly in recent years, boosted by rising demand for live music experiences in the country. A study by event management software firm Eventbrite in 2019 found that 90% of Indians had attended at least one live music event in their lifetime, and 70% had done so in the last year. India could become the world’s ninth largest market for live entertainment by 2021, up from its current position of 13th, according to research.

Meanwhile, a compilation of early electronic music from the 1960s and 70s was released last year, featuring pioneering artists including Charanjit Singh, who is widely considered the godfather of Indian dance music. The collection, called “Soham: The Beat Of India — The Essential 60s-70s Indian Electronic Music Scene”, was put together by music journalist and historian Rehan Khan

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