Glastonbury Festival will introduce its first-ever quadrophonic soundsystem this year, in conjunction with the event’s new ambient stage. The new audio setup will be located at the Woodsies new Tree Stage, which is located under an oak tree canopy and focuses exclusively on ambient music. The Tree Stage will also host a five-day music and art programme featuring immersive and visual art, combined with “natural science, body immersion and synchronicity” with experimental music, all powered by the quadrophonic sound system.

Jamie Harley, the sound designer responsible for the system, explained how the quadrophonic sound system works. “Usually, a system is stereo and you stand in front of a pair of speakers. With quadrophonic, the music surrounds you. You are immersed in a bubble of sound. Anywhere within the circle will be an interesting area to be – you can move around, and get different sensations wherever you are.”

The Tree Stage will host performances by The Orb, KMRU, Ana Roxanne, Max Cooper (presenting his new live A/V set), and Jon Hopkins, offering an “exclusive playback listening experience” for his newly-announced album ‘RITUAL’. The stage’s shows will begin after dark following the main stage headliners’ performances, until 3AM on Friday and Saturday and 2.30 AM on Sunday.

“The great thing about the Tree Stage is that it opens when everything else closes,” said Harley. “So you’ve got a choice after you’ve been watching your bands all day to either go back to your tent and fall asleep or come up to Woodsies and get cosmic. It’s a very communal and open space. You can walk around and find your space where you’re enjoying listening. If the weather is good it’s a perfect place to lie down and float off.”

The festival will share the full programme for the Tree Stage in the coming weeks

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