Balenciaga has launched their latest haute couture accessory, the “Raver Bracelet”. The bracelet made its debut as part of the French fashion house’s Autumn/Winter 2024-25 collection that was showcased in Paris last week. The accessory is designed to mimic a festival wristband that has been worn for a lengthy period, resulting in frayed edges. The wristband is made with pink, black, and blue polyester and has to be made by hand, requiring, according to Balenciaga’s Creative Director Demna, “the skills of an artist to imbue it with a worn and aged look”.

The cost of these intricately designed wristbands is at €3,500 (approx. £3,000) and is obtainable by appointment. A more expensive metallic thread version is also made available and costs €4,500 (approx. £4,000). The Balenciaga Raver Bracelet is priced at seven times the standard wristband sold at Glastonbury music festival and three times the cost of VIP tickets in Coachella.

The wristband is designed to evoke sentiments of memories related to festival experiences, which have been halted due to the pandemic restrictions. Balenciaga’s Raver Bracelet is reflective of how wristbands have now become a fashion statement, especially for festival goers. As per Closer North West, festivalgoers and clubbers in the UK are now noticing a trend of sporting wristbands that are associated with electro dance music nights and Glastonbury.

The “Raver Bracelet” follows the brand’s latest venture into tech fashion with the launch of a wireless speaker bag in collaboration with Bang & Olufsen. There are yet to be any confirmed reports of how the Balenciaga Raver Bracelets are faring, with the high cost being a possibility to dissuade many people from buying them. Regardless, it will always hold a cultural significance to those who love clubbing and music festivals

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