Do you have a deep appreciation for nature? Maybe you feel the urge to hug a tree or simply bask in the beauty of a forest. It’s no surprise that spending time in the woods can have a significant impact on your mental and physical well-being. Taking a leisurely walk in nature can relieve stress and anxiety, boost your immune system and circulation, and alleviate symptoms of depression. As caretakers of over 1,500 UK woodlands, Forestry England recognises the benefits of facilitates access to natural environments for everyone.

Forestry England is inviting people to share their memorable experiences of being in nature. The aim is to gather personal accounts of how the woods have been life-changing for people. Participants are asked to describe where the experience took place, how it felt, and whether they were alone or with others. Forestry England offers a range of activities with specific programmes that focus on health and wellbeing, such as Feel Good in the Forest and wellbeing trails. The organisation also provides easy access trails to accommodate pushchairs and wheelchair users and children’s play areas with features to stimulate the senses.

Perhaps you’ve had moments of revelation or even a time of reflection that changed your perspective of life and its meaning. Or you may have a regular routine that includes nature that has become an integral part of daily life. Share your experiences with Forestry England through a simple form on their website. All responses will be read, even if they’re not published. The organisation hopes to encourage people to explore the natural world and take advantage of the benefits of being outdoors.

In summary, Forestry England wants to know what nature means to you. They recognise the benefits of spending time in the woods and encourage people to take advantage of the activities they offer. You don’t need to have a life-changing experience to share your thoughts. All reflections and accounts of regular routines are valued, as Forestry England expects feedback from every angle. Please fill in the simple form on their website, and although not all contributions will be published, all will be read

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