A woman has been found dead in Sandness, Shetland, leading to the subsequent arrest of a man. The police were called to the scene after a disturbance was reported. Despite attending to the woman, she was pronounced dead while the man was taken to the hospital with injuries.

The nearby Melby pier area was also attended by several emergency services personnel, including police, coastguard teams, and ambulances due to reports of a car being in the water. Investigations are ongoing, with cordons put in place around the two locations which the police have confirmed.

A Police Scotland spokesperson has been quoted saying that “Officers are not looking for anyone else.” It remains unknown if the two individuals were known to one another or the complete extent of their injuries. The emergency services remained at the scene the following day, monitoring the locations.

The tragic incident has shaken the village of Sandness and highlights the need for the emergency services to remain vigilant and on-hand for unexpected events. The police and other relevant authorities will continue their investigations into the circumstances surrounding the event

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