The death of several foreign aid workers in an Israeli air strike in Gaza has graced many UK front pages. The humanitarian crisis affecting the territory could worsen after aid organisations paused operations following the World Central Kitchen (WCK) staff’s deaths. Three Britons were among those killed. UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron has asked for Israel to explain the circumstances leading up to the fatal strike. Rishi Sunak, the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, has also expressed his shock at the attack.

The Daily Telegraph reported on Mr Sunak’s statement to Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, where he expressed his outrage. The paper also featured an interview with Kirsten Dunst about her experience with misconduct by a male director when she was 16. Meanwhile, the Financial Times reported on Mr Netanyahu admitting to his military’s “tragic” error. The paper also discussed the sharp fall in vehicle sales for companies such as Tesla and BYD, leading to concerns over stalling growth in the electric car industry.

The Express featured a story on the Britons killed in the strike in Deir al-Balah. The newspaper also explored JK Rowling’s challenge to Scotland’s new hate crime law and her “defiant…victory”. The Daily Mail also covered the Gaza strike and JK Rowling’s endorsement. On the other hand, the Daily Mirror and the Sun featured similar images of a wrecked WCK charity vehicle.

The Times led with Sir Keir Starmer’s bid for the pro-house building vote. Reports show that the Labour party is targeting seats that favour such development. Monty Don’s worn weather jackets also made an appearance. Lastly, the Metro headline featured the story of Craig Stephens, who lost £1,000 after repeatedly bidding against himself to buy a painting at auction. Stephens later admitted he did not know how an auction worked nor that he was bound to buy the artwork afterwards.

Finally, the Daily Star reported on developments in domestic surveillance. The article discussed how surveillance may be bad news for people raiding their fridge at midnight

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